Music From The BIg House To Open Nationwide In Summer 2012


“Goddess of the Blues” Rita Chiarelli’s Historic Jailhouse Concert with Musician Inmates at Angola State Penitentiary Offers Audiences

 Rare Documentary Experience

Award-winning Chiarelli to Tour U.S. to Promote Documentary’s Theatrical Release

“It was my quest to add to the prison’s musical history…to say the experience changed me is an understatement. I’ve been changed forever. ” ~ Rita Chiarelli

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“When I discovered the music coming out of Angola from such legendary artists as Lead Belly, Odea Mathews, Robert Pete Williams and Hogman Maxey, including some of the John and Alan Lomax recordings, I wanted to know, ‘who are the musician inmates there today?’”explains Chiarelli, who ultimately spent years getting to know those inmates. Their shared bond of music, and Chiarelli’s ebullient personality, draw striking revelations from the inmates. Rather than sensational stories of convicts, the film portrays remarkable voices of hope as their love of music radiates humanity and redemption on their quest for forgiveness.

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It appears Matson’s instincts were well-placed: more than 50 exhibitors in the top theatrical markets have already booked play dates.

In a truly unprecedented release, Chiarelli will tour 70 cities across the U.S. with a series of live performances to promote the film and soundtrack release.  “After I first saw Music From The Big House – with its amazing cinematography and such powerful stories – I knew this was a story that needed to be experienced in theaters – this is one of those rare films that can truly change how someone thinks about the world,” notes Richard Matson, President of Matson Films.

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